Tuning Files

We provide the highest quality tuning files and 100% tested dpf & egr off solutions for our network of dealers as well as other remapping professionals using Master tuning tools. 

Our tuning file service is available 7 days per week and normal file turnaround time is approximately 30 minutes.

We also offer a full backup and technical support service from Monday to Saturday.

For full information on our Tuning File Service please give us a call or complete the contact form.

Why you should work with us?

The difference between us and other companys is the development of tuned files. We do not give percents to maps, we use linear extrapolation to get same logic of ECU producer, so we warantee all files will work acording to your requeriments. 95% of our tuning files are tested in our dynometer.

We make 100% custom tuning file acording to your requeriments.

Our method

We use Official WinOLS for our tuning files, and we will show you the iferenece of our method and other tuners method. It is called extrapolation. This means use maths to get numbers. Here you will see diference.

Here you can see one opening time map, ecu siemens PPD. -in this picture you see how we changed axis, and only last row.

In the secon picture you see map in 3D, As you can see, it follows a perfect proportionally like stock map designed by a Siemens Engineer.

And here other tuner map, some rows moded by percent, and axis stock, so real amount of fuel is not true. This is translated to car in incorrect consumption, timming not adjusted, because ecu thinks that fuel injected is for example 70mg and real injected fuel is 70+8%,

Here detail of percents added

And here a 3D view of map where you can see that it isn't proportional. Not follow the engineer design so far.

Conclusion, we use same logic that ecu designers, developing files for each car, not gives x percent following a rule, in this way you always will get more efficient map. This is the best way to do it. Test our services.

No Doubt in ask us for more info.