Power increase through Chiptuning 

Our long-term experience and success in the field of software development and software optimization for petrol and diesel engines guarantees the highest quality. Improvement and adjustment of our own software development is performed in our state of the art research and development centre.

 More pleasure from driving thanks to increased power and torque!
When using MHR Chiptuning power the foremost thing is, of course, increased power!

Due to the optimization of the characteristic map stored in the engines control unit we achieve an increase of engine torque, as well as increased power, and here the difference with other companys, not only a 30% more, we know what engine have each car and we suggest you the max safe power for your engine's tolerance.

How does this affect dynamic qualities of your vehicle?

At low rotating speeds, the vehicle accelerates better and it has better pulling power. In the upper speed range the motor rotates more dynamically and powerfully, the finite speed is increased. It means more pleasure from driving and more safety buffer for you.

How does this affect fuel consumption?

Due to higher torque fuel consumption in the range of partial loads for cars is reduced up to 10%. In the range of maximum loads fuel consumption is increases by up to 10%. Since at average operating mode the vehicle moves 90% in the range of partial loads, this means to you the appropriate fuel savings through the use our files. If you are interested in ECO-optimization,we can also develop that file for you.

 Power and torque increase acording to your car tolerances to warantee  the max safe power.!
We will provide you with innovative power optimization through the use of the next generation of Chiptuning!

Stage 3 Specialists

We are specialists developing stage 3 files. our history achieves a lot of big turbo mods, including popcorns, meth, antilag, NLS, LC, WMI or inclusive NOs conversions.

Ask for your custom tuned file for get the max power!

We also provide stage 3 parts for your car. See Link.

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We have damos based solutions on mostly cars and not emulates solutions.

Ask for professional removal.


We can add to your car functions like Antilag, Launch control hard, NLS, Bangs, in petrol cars.

Also LC in diesel Cars. Ask for it!