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Stage 3 Kits

Maybe more agressive tunning is not enough for you, or you like to be involved in a fast car project. We can supply the parts you need for do this.


We have two solutions about this

First is a big turbo setup, we provide big turbos for most cars.

Second is hybrid turbo. You send old, we make it hybrid with high quality pieces and you get back in the week.

Ask for your interest.


Also have configuration accord to your requirements. we mount and calibrate your stock nozzles. We prefer use Firad nozzles but we can use nozzles you want. Change flow of your stock nozzles by 40% 60% 80% 120% or 160% more flow nozzles.


If you get more power you need a good clutch for handle all these extra torque. Also we have hand made clutches. Ceramic or organics clutches are available. We also use your old clutch to save the center. This give us the possiblity to save springs for smooth start up.